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What If You Had The Chance To Kill Somebody?!

Would You Do It?

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Here, you have the chance to kill somebody.. If you had the chance to kill someone.. who would you kill?

Rules: Your allowed to kill more than one person,.. you can kill someone famous, YOURSELF, or even an average schmoe you know.. just, say how you killed them and why.. once youve claimed a person to kill.. that person is dead.. so .. somebody else cannot kill the same person, dummy.



+--A Random Homeless Person In a Servant Suit Was Killed By captain_murphi

+--All of the annoying people who ride public transportation. ESPECIALLY: camel nose guy, fat bald pervert, afro dude, smelly guy who ALWAYS has too much stuff to carry was killed by joestate

+--Avril Lavigne was killed by _havoc_

+--An imaginary friend was killed by slinksterjeans

+--All the judgemental fucks were killed by anonymouspsycho

+--All members of The Polyphonic Spree were killed by mixmastermario

+--All the preps were killed by keladryie


+--Bam Margera got killed by inhalexmisery


+--Christina Agulara was killed by kidviciouschick

+--Courtney Love was killed by whiteamerica


+--Dubya was killed by kylenivi

+--Donald Rumsfield was killed by metalkronic


+--Every old person over the age of 60,who drives slow and cuts people off was killed by denity

+--Everyone that he has ever been exposed to in any way shape or form Was killed by caffiene13

+--Easily Offended People were killed by joestate

+--Every self-absorbed person was killed by suicidesnoman

+--Emma Watson was killed by _raindrop

+--Every asshole biological father who ever abandoned their kids were killed by tiffeh

+--Everyone who disrespects and hates Marilyn Mansion was killed by suicidesnoman + keladryie HELPED.


+--Fred Durst was killed by _bleedingtears


+--George Bush was killed by _raindrop

+--GOD was killed by dark_vanity


+--Hilary Duff was brutally killed by warinthestreets

+--Heidi-the-psycho was killed by mixmastermario

+--Howard Dead was killed by delia43



+--Josie-the-whore was killed by mixmastermario




+--Michelle Boje was killed by joestate

+--Marius the psycho stalker was mutilated by rizzo

+--Michael Jackson was killed by indever

+--Mr.Reynard was killed by mixmastermario


+--neo-nazis were killed by joestate



+--PINK was BRUTALLY killed by _pnub_

+--People that freak out when they see a punk were killed by the_stranger

+--Preachy straight edge kids were killed by the_stranger

+--Perverted old men were killed by the_stranger



+--Referees were killed by _havoc_



+--The fucking cops were all killed by _havoc_

+--Tony Blair was killed by mixmastermario




+--Willa Ford got killed by songofmysoul